Words And Phrases | HSC English 2nd Paper Question: 03

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Special Use of Words and Phrases

HSC Question No: 03| HSC English 2nd Paper

এই প্রশ্নে ৫ এ ৫ পেতে হলে Clues এ থাকা প্রতিটি Word/Phrase এর অর্থ জানা থাকতে হবে। আমরা একনজরে এখন সবগুলোর অর্থ জেনে নিবো খুবই সহজভাবে।

1. Let Alone (ভাবা ই যায় না)
The old man is very tired. He can’t walk a mile Let Alone —— five miles.
I am not good at English. I cannot write a single sentence, —— a full composition in English.

2. Lest (ভয় হয় যদি)
Our students are very attentive to their study. They read attentively —— they should fail in the examination.

3. What If (কি হবে যদি) [প্রশ্নবোধক চিহ্ন থাকলে]
—— he fails in the HSC Examination?
You seemed to be tired. —— you went home and took rest?

4. Was born / be born (যখন কোন জন্ম সাল বা জন্মস্থান বুঝাবে)
Plato —— in ancient Greece.
Most of the street children do not know where they —— or where their home.

5. Have to / Has to/ Had to (করতেই হবে/হয়েছে)
Kamal’s father died last year. Consequently, he —— shoulder the burden of the family.

6. As If / As Though (যেন) [were/was এর পূর্বে]
He behaves —— he was my boss
Whenever anyone asks him something, he pretends —— he was a beggar.
Mira behaved roughly with all. She speaks —— she were a queen.

7. It is high time (উপযুক্ত সময় টা শেষ, আর দেরি করা যাবে না)
It is —— we stopped corruption from the society.

8. It is time (কোন কাজ করার উপযুক্ত সময়)
—— we go there.

9. Used to (অভ্যস্ত হয়ে যাওয়া)
Thomas Alva Edison was very intelligent from his childhood. He —— do many wicked activities.

10. Dare (সাহস করা)
It’s remarkable that she —— to be so honest.

11. Need (প্রয়োজন)
There is no need for us to hurry.

12. No sooner had … than / scarcely had … when / hardly had … when (একটি ঘটতে না ঘটতেই)
He bought a Chattogram-bound train ticket. —— he reached the station when the train left.

13. As soon as (একটা ঘটনা ঘটার সাথে সাথেই আরেকটা ঘটনা)
Zani burst into laughter —— I fell on the slippery ground.
I started for the college —— the train stopped. Yet, I was 30 minutes late to reach the exam hall.

14. What’s it like (কিসের মতো) [Gerund এর আগে] / What does … look like [২ টি শূন্যস্থান থাকলে]
I have never gone to Sylhet. —— visiting Sylhet in the coming winter vacation?
Have you seen an ostrich? What —— it ——?
—— playing in a local team? You seemed to be bored playing with the team.

15. Had better (বরং ভালো)
You —— go to Canada for leading a better life.
You —— cross the river at this moment. The river is calm now.

16. Would rather (দুটির মধ্য কোনটি ভালো) (than থাকলে এটি বসাবো)
Sohel —— die than beg.
The old woman —— starve than beg. She hates begging.

17. Would you like (যদি পছন্দ করেন)
—— to go with me?
There is a stuffy condition in the room. —— opening the windows of the room?

18. Unless (যদি না)
You will not succeed in life —— you work hard.

19. Until (যতক্ষণ পর্যন্ত না)
Wait here, until I come.

20. Either … or (এটা না হয় ওটা) / Neither … nor (এটাও না, ওটাও না)
She can have either tea or coffee.
They are neither fit for war nor peace!
21. Both … and (এটা এবং ওটা)
I liked both the movie and the play.

22. Not only … but also (শুধু এটাই না ওটাও)
I liked not only the movie but also the play.

23. If [বাক্যের শুরুতে] / Provided that (যদি)
She will help me provided that I promise to do her homework.
If you went to the party, I would go, too.
Provided that you went to the party, I would go, too.

24. There (সেখানে) It [বাক্যের শুরুতে]
—— is 8 pm. I cannot stay here anymore.
—— are many reasons why the students of Bangladesh do not get proper education.

25. In case (ক্ষেত্রে)
You are making a long journey. Keep your phone turned on —— we need to contact you.

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